Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This is how we crunch it.

I happily report that we're getting a natural foods market 5 minutes from our house!  Here's the gorgeous model pointing to the sign.  Not sure when it's opening yet...

Here's the store from the front!  I'll let you know when it opens. Danna, how soon can you move back??? 

A crunchy and super cheap and easy craft for Christmas: we arranged 18 q-tips in a snowflake onto a cookie sheet covered with plastic wrap. Then we tacky-glued them and sprinkled on the glitter.  Let them dry overnight and peel them off, and we hung them up with crochet yarn. Super, super pretty!

The picture really doesn't give them justice, they're so pretty!  I LOVE snow, but I have the feeling that we're not going to be getting tons this winter (we were really spoiled last year).  So we made our own snowstorm in our kitchen :)  It may be snowing in other rooms soon...

Crunchy (and super cheap & easy) project #2: We take tin cans (or other containers) that are headed for the recycle bin, wash them and cover them with pretty paper, then glue magnets to the back.  You get pretty pencil, pen or what-not holders that stick right to your fridge.  The short one we use for collecting pop-tops, box tops, and milk carton tops that we turn in at Maxwell's school.  We're making them for M&M's teachers for Christmas and filling them with goodies like highlighters and thank you messages!

Here's some more on the other side.  And this is our new tiny energy-efficient fridge.  This picture is making it look bigger than it really is... Our old fridge was 29 cubic feet, this one is 9.5!  So it's quite a bit smaller! A BIG plus is it gives us a lot more space in our tiny kitchen.  We TRY to keep only things that we use weekly and are in season in the fridge, and we also have a freezer in the basement for food storage.

And here's the old man in one of his favorite spots, under the kitchen table, watching me take 500 q-tip snowflake pictures trying to get a good one!  Isn't he just so handsome???

Chris and I are putting up simple shelving all around the tops of the ceilings all over the house. Our house is very low on closets and storage space so I'm getting creative.  I really believe in making small spaces work and not having more than you need and use.  I work on it everyday!  It's a process for sure.  And there's the kiddos dancing in the background, enjoying SPACE over STUFF! 


  1. What great craft work!!! and some cute crafters!! :)

    Love Pa

  2. Obviously not soon enough... :P
    Where is that building?