Saturday, December 24, 2011

Best Christmas Eve Ever!

We went to the Eggers' for Christmas Eve and spent the day in their beautiful new home, eating delicious food, and watching the kids be silly!  It was just us, Gramma Sandy, Uncle Roy & Jolene, and Grampa George came a bit later.  It was really nice, very relaxing. We all had a great time!

 Uncle Roy & Jolene bought the kids huge stuffed animals. Mimi got a lamb and Max got a horse. They were the big hit of the day!  They are super soft! Here's Pip with her lamb.
 Who is this precious little boy on the tree??? 
 It's PA!!!!
 Max and Mimi cuddling up with their new stuffed animals :)
 Gramma left for a few minutes. We told the kids that they had to wait for her to get to open presents.  Mimi kept a lookout at the door.
 Gramma's back!  Time to open! 
 Mimi models her beautiful new Christmas dress from Gramma Sandy and some lovely new accessories! 
 Pa and I attempt to take our own picture...
 Grampa George gets back to join in the fun! Every year since Chris and Roy were kids George gets them a tool and carves their name in it.  He does it for Max and Mimi too, and THIS year I also got one!  A screwdriver with my name and date :)  Thanks George!
 This is the little ornament I gave to Sandy when I was still just "the girlfriend"!  I always look for it every Christmas, and I'm always happy to see it :)  It's amazing it's didn't break yet with 6 years of kids running around the tree! 
Mimi wanted me to take a picture of her new little fairy that she put in the tree and put it on the blog!  Thanks Eggers for a really great Christmas and for all our gifts!  You always make me feel so welcome and at home. I love everything, but my favorite gift of all is a leather bound collection of the complete Grimms' fairy tales.  I'd like to sit down and read it a bit but I have to get ready for Santa- he comes tonight!  Merry Christmas!

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  1. So much fun!! Just a quiet eve here in the hook house! Chris's ornament picture looks so much like Max! And what a beauty your princess is!! Miss you tons!