Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rainy day house tour

 Jeter always keeps me company when I'm at my desk xo. Usually he likes to stick his head underneath the bed, but I guess because it was dark and rainy today he didn't feel the need to do that :)
 I took a long walk in the rain with the dogs and just got back.  I did the same thing yesterday.  My shins are killing me.  I think the dogs are pretty worn out, too.  Jillian found a spot on the laundry-and-Christmas-toy covered bed to snooze.
 I still can't figure out how to flip pictures. This is my dresser, the only one that I don't have to share with Chris.  The bottom two drawers are broken so I just have everything folded in stacks :) Max and Mimi are now using the drawers for stuffed animal beds.
 Presents of past Christmases.  The angel with the muff was made in Japan in the 40's. There's me and my mom in the background, made in the 70's :)
 Almost over...
 Just makes me happy...
 Some inspiration on the cabinet door...
 My firstborn and my two best Tweeties...
 My great Gramma and Grampa from Poland on their wedding day... Nie daj sie.
 Kokeshi keep my Great Gram company...
 Personality frogs...
An organic look into my dest. That camera takes pictures in a grid of four, about 1/2 a second apart.  I got it in Cape Cod on my honeymoon xo.  The card in front of it is our annual pass to the Truck Museum, which closed :( Some other points of interest: cute cat stickers, Maxwell's old karate patch, and Book of Mormon flash cards. Have a nice day :O) 


  1. I love the verses for mindfuk eating! Where did you find that!!!
    And why did the trucking museum close up?? Will the Eggs survive??

  2. It's from a book by Thich Nat Han. I've had it forever, from before I met Chris! I just decided lately that I need to hang it up and see it everyday. I'll make you a copy:) The Truck Museum closed b/c they went broke :( . it was too sad.

  3. The truck museum closed!!! NOooOooo! Now I can never take my kids there?!