Friday, November 1, 2013

Behold: The Dyson Ball (and pickles).

 Here are some pictures worth sharing that I never got around to posting!

Maxwell at his new full sized key board. I never have to ask him to practice.  I wake up in the morning to the light sounds of Maxwell music coming from upstairs :)

Mommy, can I have a cadellabra for Christmas?

Still warm enough for naked eating.

 Carving soap for Boy Scouts, and Mimi tries her hand at it, too.

Just cute.

No, we really are this close with the ice cream man.


Reading :)

more reading :)

 At gymnastics. This picture only shows about a tenth of the size of this place and none of the fancy equipment.  That's all through those big doors on the right there.  The room to the left is where they all warm up.  It's pretty cool.  Mimi loves it.

 Every Egg likes Jeopardy.

Nate LOVES apples.

Here it is: The Dyson Ball.


 Hurry up, Pa! I want to ride it!

 What's better than apples?

 That's enough, Little Dude!

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