Thursday, October 31, 2013

A BIG Birthday Boy!

This big guy is one year old today! Can you believe he's been here a whole year already? I can't believe his first little baby year is over...
But we had a great day.
I made Nate special homemade french fries with organic ketchup for his birthday dinner :)

A spooky ice cream cake for a spooky birthday, also homemade AND organic!

Picking out his birthday present was tricky, but I got it right! Nate played with it for SO LONG!

Here's Mimi, I mean Saige, ready to go trick-or-treating...

And Nate is STILL at it!

Oh, and he also loves his big cardboard box...

Getting a snug in. Not easy, this Nate is on the go!

Having some of Nate's birthday cake after trick-or-treating with Mary and Phil.  Pa and I stayed home with Nate to hand out the candy :)

What a big day!
What a big YEAR! 
We love you Natey!
Thanks for joining our family :)


  1. Man he is so stinking cute!! And holy cow on the cake!! You've got some mad decorating skills!!!
    Happy birthday Nate!! XO

    1. I love you for saying that! That part was a joke, I thought it was obvious! You are so sweet to think I actually did make that, I'll take that as a compliment!!! :) xoxo