Friday, November 15, 2013

Man down.

Most amazing sunset last night. I was helping Mimi wash her hair and all of a sudden the bathroom turned pink. I ran outside and saw THIS!

Also saw the most amazing handmade scarf last night at the Stake Center and chatted this sister up on how she made it. She said she used a technique where you use your arms as the knitting needles (tutorials on youtube!). She graciously let me take a quick pic. It was even better in real life, just stunning!:

Crashed out after a long day at school:

A little Halifax for Mommy after a very hard week (lucky for me, I think Nate likes the accents):

And then today...Man down: Poor Nate has a fever and absolutely no energy or appetite.  These pictures don't quite capture the bleary, droopy eyes. We spent the day cuddling, taking short naps, and watching Sesame Street in the rocking chair.

 Nate likes to sit with his ankles crossed, which gives Auntie Shoody a big kick:

It was 70 degrees this afternoon! So we took a walk and had a snooze:

Carried him in for more snoozing, but it didn't last long. Nate woke up fussing and wanting to cuddle in the rocking chair some more, poor baby!

But now he's back in his crib, but no doubt will be up again soon for another round!

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