Sunday, August 4, 2013

Just call me Martha.

Today Mimi and I went to cash in my Williams Sonoma Wedding gift card. Yup, I've been holding onto that sucker for almost 10 years. The cashier was pretty impressed. She said she hadn't seen that kind of gift card in like 7 years. Try 10, Honey! Anyway. Me and Mims cruised down to the fancy mall with the fancy stores to cash in big time!!! The GC was for $100, plus when my aunt got wind of the plans, she gave me three $25 cards that she had never gotten around to cashing in either, so that brought the grand totes up to $175!  So we go in and I think, let's check out the knives, I really need a serrated knife. Okay, the cheapest one is over $100. I did not come all this way for a one hundred dollar knife, no way. So I really scope out the scene and there's a small sale section, and there's a 6 quart flat pot skillet guy like I've been needing so bad forever, because the one I use has a very loose handle and is all chipping off the non-stick stuff and that just can't be good. But I haven't been able to find a nice big one like THIS one. I am not kidding when I tell you THIS: It was marked $415, marked down to $360, marked down to $169. Plus it was in the sale area, and the gal told me that today all the sale stuff was an additional 25% off. Why was it in the sale section? No box. OKAY! I'll take it! The gal said they just marked it down again. So I swooped it up, along with a really, really rad pizza stone AND 4 awesome dark green glasses made of really thick glass AND a set of very spiffy dish towels, since the only dish towels in my house are the ones my aunt takes home from the O.R. Yes, that's O.R. as in Operating Room. Everything was from the little sale section except the pizza stone, which was 20% off because of a special in-store sale, get one regular priced item for 20% off. Apparently this pot I bought is the very top of the line, so I am the proud owner of THIS item now (but mine is bigger I think, I just can't find a pic of the exact one)!!!!

I think I did really good considering I could have left the store with like one knife and a napkin. Max and I made dinner in it tonight and it came out great! So everyone come on over for some turkey, rice, peas made in the fanciest pot the world's ever seen, and your choice of beverage in a rad green glass (while supplies last, I only have four of those...).


  1. I have one similar and I love it too!! Mine is about the size pictured, I can't imagine how big yours is!! Some days I use it for every meal!! XO

  2. It might not be much bigger actually now that I'm looking at it again. I've already used it twice! It is great! It was meant to be! xoxoxo :)