Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Midsummer Love xoxo

We're back from the Jersey Shore and I cried when we had to leave! It was the best vacation ever! But as my mom says, better to leave wanting more. Max, Mimi, Gianna AND NATE got their swim on in our hotel's awesome pool and also crashed through the waves at the beach, right across the street! I also got a lot of wave time in, thanks to Mom, Mary, JP, Phil, and also Gramma's friends who cuddled with Nate under the umbrella and watched him play in the sand. I'll try to post some pics from the trip, but truth be told: I took ZERO pictures because I was so busy living it up and I let Mary take all the pics. So I need Phil to hook me up with the pics before I can post.

In other blog-worthy news, Mimi has.... SAIGE! Why? Because we, I mean SHE, couldn't live without her another minute! :)  Here she is with Saige, the 2013 American Girl's Doll of the Year, and her matching dress. Beautiful!

Saige is really fabulous, I have to say. Pierced ears! I love her clothes too. Mimi also has the sweater outfit which I love to death and wish they made in girls' sizes because it is gorgeous. My only sort-of complaint is that they only publish two books for each Doll of the Year and no mysteries, and we love the books. Mimi also has McKenna, the 2011 doll, and she loved the books for her, but why only two??? And how about a mystery? At least one would be nice! Anyway, can't wait to read about Saige. (Just finished a Julie mystery and it was great. FYI, Julie's my personal favorite, I love her time & place ;)

Also Nate continues to be the cutest guy ever :)

Maxwell continues to allude me, but I will get some candid shots of my handsome Welly and his great new haircut this week!

So Phil, hook me up with those pics on my computer and I'll post our trip! Thanks!