Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Have I ever spoken these words before?.....




And let's throw that Nate in on a couple shots!!!!


A bit excessive with the pics here? Maybe, but I have never been this happy with a haircut in my life!!!! My last couple of cuts have been awful. I have been letting it grow since I got pregnant with Nathan, who is now 10 months old. I was SO happy when Rich said "GIIIIIRRRRRLLLL, you NEED to cut this all OFF!". Yes, Rich. YES. I feel like I just cut off 8 inches (!!!!) of dead weight and now I feel so great. AHHHHHH.... So thanks Jacks for letting me in on your stylist. He was amazing!!!! Of course b/c your hair is amazing (but so totally different from mine: long and super wavy!). Best part is it's really simple to do. Rich really GOT that I'm a MOM and high maintenance is just not going to work for me.  HALLELUJAH! Rich, I'll see you in 4 weeks, my friend!


  1. Hooray!!! Don't loose his number!!! ;) And I. Love. The. Pics!!!! XO

    1. Thanks D! The best part is he's right here on Church Street. No more clip joints for me. I'm too old for that sh*t.