Monday, November 19, 2012

What a cute guy!!!

I know I'm posting a lot of Nate pictures, but it's so hard to pick between them all because they're all so cute! But nothing is as cute as the real Nate!!! It's such a shame because the real Nate is changing everyday! He's growing really fast.  His face is much fuller and he's definitely a lot longer, because his preemie clothes are getting snug!

Nate isn't sleeping in his crib yet, but he wanted to test the waters.

Sorry about that flash, Nate!

Cutest guy with his sock monkey from the hospital :) Mimi, Max, and Gianna bought it for him at the gift shop.

Playing with Nate!


  1. LOVE!!!! I don't think there could be too many pictures of that sweet thing!!!

  2. He is SO sweet! I wish you could get a load of this guy, he's just such a nice little bundle! We're not sure what color is eyes are yet. Chris thinks brown but I think blue. We'll have to wait and see :)