Friday, November 30, 2012

1 month old!

I can't believe our little Nate is already one month old.  He is such a nice little guy.  Last night he took his time in a relaxing bath under the heating fan in the bathroom.  He loves the bath. He could stay there all day. He must get that from his mommy :)

Nate is a very calm little baby. He's just like his Pa. 

Nate enjoys kicking back near the Christmas tree :)

Here's some recent artwork from the older eggs:

This is Maxwell's fabulous painting of Where the Wild Things Are.

Here's Mimi's also fabulous Thanksgiving painting. Notice all the patterns!

Right before bed last night :)

In other news, Dad, better know as Pepere these days, turned 60 last weekend and we had dinner at his house with Mark and Gianna.  It was really nice. I made him a scrapbook of all the grandkids and he loved it. It was pretty awesome :)  That afghan there was made by my grandmother and he gave it to Nathan.  That's pretty much what Nathan did the whole time.  But he did it in style :)

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