Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Sweetest Guy :)

This baby loves being in his swaddle xoxo

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this baby!!!!!

This is Nate going to his check-up at the hospital. He was 4 lbs 15 oz at birth and his discharge weight was
 4 lbs 9 oz. He was 4 lbs 10 oz at the appointment- good job growing, little Nate!

Sleeping right next to his Mommy xoxoxo

Working hard to wake up.

It's hard to stop smooching Nate!!!

AND an unexpected HUGE snowstorm. This was just the beginning!!! 

Chris and the kids played outside for a LONG time, I had to drag them back in after it got dark!!!  This is my little snow baby, Mimi :)