Thursday, April 12, 2012

What a week.

These are the things that happened this week:  We found out that the kids in our neighborhood are being sent to the one school I didn't want, the one with no gym and no cafeteria.  I'm going to find out more tonight at the Board of Ed meeting, and I'm mad and hormonal and liable to really make a scene, so anything can happen.  Also on my way to my ultrasound this morning I hit a rock or a pothole or something, and it shredded my tire and broke my rim.  My aunt had to come pick me up and run me down to my doctor's office. They were able to take me right away and I got the world's quickest ultrasound, which was nice, and now I have two little Cheeto pictures.  The tech said I'm eight weeks and two days into the pregnancy (yes, they can tell down to the day! isn't that amazing?  I had her explain it to me b/c I couldn't believe she could pin-point it so precisely, but they really can). So my due date is November 20th.  My car is sitting in the old Ames plaza in Seymour looking pretty miserable.  Oh yes, and by the way, I'm pregnant :)

Here are some cute pics from the week:

Gianna and Mimi just happened to wear their french kitty shirts together this week :)

Gianna is off this week, but my kids are off next week. Here's Mimi and Gianna taking a break from their private games (they don't allow me in, but I do sometimes listen at the door...) to snug up :)  Mimi only goes to school MWF, so they had a girls' day.  Max is in school slaving away...

I know she's my daughter, but Pip is the cutest, most delightful little girl in the world!!!!!!  She is the daughter of my dreams xoxoxo.  And G is the niece of my dreams, she is very helpful and rolls with the punches.  She also has an amazing singing voice (if I was her mama I'd look into singing lessons, just saying).  Two super girls.

But I don't only want to brag about the gals.  Check THIS out!!!!
It's a rare week when Maxwell doesn't get a 100 on his spelling test.  He even gets the bonus words!!!  What a boy!

And this is the weekly "mad minute" where they do as many problems as they can before the timer goes off. Max is up to 70!!! He's one of the top math performers in first grade!  Let's hear it for MAXWELL, son of the great engineering genius Christopher.  Clearly the genes have passed down successfully!

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