Monday, April 16, 2012

This is a must-share.

So it's nice out, which in my neighborhood means daily door-to-door obnoxiousness. We get everything from dudes wanting to know when you last sided your home (mine's not sided), people wanting you to subscribe to newspapers, teenagers with backpacks full of books that they want to sell you, groups of men, women, and children dressed ridiculously too warmly and formally offering you info on the Apocalypse with scary looking magazines featuring people running terrified from flames, you name it. Today I was visited by a dude dressed head to toe in AT&T gear.  I saw him coming.  He was somewhere in his twenties.  He rang the door and I reluctantly answered it, and he goes, "Hi! I'm Mike from AT&T U-Verse! Can you go and get your mom or dad for me?". I just kind of looked at him for a minute and then went, "Are you kidding?". We just stared at each other awkwardly for a few seconds and he went, "Uh...No...why, should I be kidding?". He looked truly perplexed. I was too.  So then he goes, "...Soooo... should I just wait here for you to get your mom or dad?".  I think at that point I was just so confused that I could only shake my head and close the door.  Did he really think I was a 13 year old with DDD boobs and a salt and pepper pixie cut?  That is my must-share of the day. So bizarre, right?  In what world could someone mistake me for less than 30?  It was a moment.

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