Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good things about global warming.

It's happening so let's just get out there and enjoy it, shall we?

1. I can open the windows and air out the house, much needed from two big, gassy dogs.
2. Small house + nice weather = quadruple your square footage living space with outdoor spillage.
3. Eating outside.
4. Reading outside.
5. Hanging clothes outside (as soon as Hubbie fixes clothesline...)
6. Cabin fever instantly relieved with spur of the moment walks with kids and dogs.
7. No more pinning socks together for the wash so they don't get lost, who needs socks for the next 6 months?
8. We can start painting the house (Chris wants to paint it light blue!  Yick. I think battleship grey with white trim).
9. Popsicles. (Megan knows from living with me that I am a popsicle addict).
10. Every one just seems a little less tense, maybe a little more sweaty, but less tense.

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