Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting fixed up.

So this pregnancy is becoming a little complicated.  I felt very shaky and weak and faint, and it turned out my blood sugar was totally out of control. I need to take lots of insulin: I take 2 different kinds and I have to inject one kind when I wake up and then before I go to sleep. The other one I inject right before each meal. My diet is super controlled: no white sugar (good riddance, honestly) or simple carbs, complex carbs welcomed up to 45 grams per meal.  Then there's the blood sugar checks. I do that eight times a day. It's a whole lot of poking.  Last night I started getting really sick. By the afternoon I felt like I was going to cross the veil any second. So I called my OBGYN and she wanted me to go to the hospital for an I.V. and a chest x-ray (which it turned out I didn't need, the problem there was my sinuses).  I felt like I was going to faint any second, in fact I think I kind of did faint for a few seconds, but finally they took my blood sugar and it was 62!!!!  That is low, folks.  Hence the below picture.  They gave me orange juice (kind of a treat since it's now off the dietary list) and started the I.V. After about 25 minutes I started feeling like I might make it through after all. 

Here I am preparing to meet my maker.

 My view from the hospital bed.  See, the fluid bag is almost gone. It took about an hour and a half.  At this point I'm feeling good enough to notice the blog opportunity.

Every year for Christmas I ask for socks. This is why. I have no matching socks!  These were at least in the same ballpark.

Chris staying chipper and letting my wise cracks roll off.  A good sport of a husband.

A final self portrait I will call 'Ready to Bounce', just waiting for the nurse to come in to remove the I.V.  I've had funner days but at least I'm feeling better now.  I'm going to my endocrinologist tomorrow for continued care! 


  1. O boy doesn't sound like much fun for you at all...hope you get ahead of this and feel lots better

  2. Your doing so kick but on the diet that your now ODing on the insulin! So sorry for the bummer of a day. XO

  3. No, not much fun :( Thanks for the well wishes, J! And D, I was thinking the same thing, but they actually UPPED my insulin at my doctor's the next day. My # was so low b/c I couldn't keep anything down for about 24 hours.