Sunday, May 10, 2015

Here's what we've been doing lately :)

Having a really fun birthday party for Maxwell! I made that cake last night at 11:00. And I didn't even have one bite because I've gone 100% sugar free (it's been a month!).

                         Hanging out in the back of the junked out jeep with some cool new shades.

                                                       Don't believe me, just watch.

                        Going to IHOP and being maybe a little too rowdy. Sorry everyone.

                                         Going to story time and being a total angel!!!!

                                  Coming home from school and chilling on the counter.

                                                      Being the four cutest kids ever.

                              Taking care of a really cute and lovely little babe for the day.

Watching the ugliest building in town - scratch that -  in Connecticut come tumbling down!!! YAY!