Saturday, December 21, 2013

Just some random stuff.

We finally got the chair I ordered a million years ago. We finally have something in our house that wasn't free because someone didn't want it anymore! Winning!

Nate, show the good people our new chair!

Also, the two best friends:

AND, well, I'm actually not sure...



  1. Replies
    1. Come and sit in it and watch Emmanuelle with me and Nate!

    2. Sure! I was off the past few days but I figured the kids were home and I was catching up on a whole lot of nothing, tv watching and yoga classes.

  2. LISA...I love that chair!! And the cutest babies!!! And YOU!! <3 <3 I am going to try and comment if it's the last thing I do!! Curse you Wordpress!!!

    1. Vagina!!!! You commented! I am so humbled! I just visited your blog a second ago :) Of course I left a comment half the length of the post, as usual ;) haha! Thanks for stopping by my little blog, I love you too!!!! p.s. ya that chair ROCKS!!!!

  3. I'm needing a Nate, Mimi, & Max fix! Any new pics? What have you been up to?? XO