Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do you Tray-Jay-Bay? We do!

Yesterday I posted a picture of Mimi, and maybe you noticed that she was wearing a bathing suit? That was because Max and Mimi planned what they called "Tray-Jay-Bay Night". The Tray was for Trail Mix, the Jay was for Jeopardy, and the Bay was for bathing suits. Their plan was to make a trail mix- it ended up consisting of cheese-its, goldfish (a little repetitive, I know), chocolate chips, pretzel sticks, and graham crackers- then lay some towels out on the floor and pretend to sunbathe in their bathing suits while watching Jeopardy (We watch Jeopardy a couple times a week over here. They think it's a big treat b/c we usually don't do TV in the evening, but for Jeopardy we make the exception).  Mimi got cold after a while so she put her school clothes back on over her bathing suit. Max just got snug underneath Bluey. So that's what these crazy pictures are, Tray-Jay-Bay Night :)