Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer burn-out?

I've been hearing from quite a few mamas lately that they have a case of summer burn-out.  I think I'm finally in the same camp. Today I woke up to my two daring children squabbling over something in the living room.  Max, Mimi, and I are together from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep, and sometimes we ARE together while we sleep.  Honestly, this is the way I WANT it to be, but after half the summer, I think we could all use a little refreshing space! I'm not talking about sending them to camp for the rest of the summer, but maybe a day at Gramma Sandy's with Pa would be nice. How about it, Pa?  I'm in my 5th month of this pregnancy, and even though I do feel better than I did a month ago, I'm starting to feel more pregnant in general. There is definitely a baby in there along with his entourage of placenta, amniotic fluid, etc. and he's starting to bump around quite a bit and he's making it a bit hard to bend over and find a comfortable sleeping position.  I kind of forgot what that feels like, or is this baby just more of a mover and shaker than my last two?  The ultrasound tech said he was super active. I kind of thought so...

So today I had what I thought was a great plan to beat the summer burn-out. I took the two fussy eggs to get a free lunch at one of the elementary schools. Friday is pizza day and we got there early to get it while it was hot. They chomped up their little whole wheat pizzas and apples and milk under the tree. The lunch lady actually ended up running out of food early! I do love the free summer lunch program in our town. Then I thought I'd take them to a new place in town called Kids Create. It's an art studio where you just drop in, pay a few bucks a kid, and let them have at it with easels, paints, clay, beads, and tons of other stuff. I looked up the time on-line (that's where I went wrong, I should have called first...) and we took a ride across town.  It looked fabulous from the window. Unfortunately that's as far as we got, because there was a big sign on the door that said "Closed until August 7th".  

My two fussy eggs got much fussier. I suggested going to the library. One said okay, so of course the other one said no way.  That kills me, b/c you know they're just being purposefully disagreeable!!! Grrrrrrrrr.... So fine. I didn't return my books or pick up any more books, b/c I couldn't bear to hear the squabble. We just headed home and the fuss raged on in the backseat, until it peaked with a big sob that one of the darlings got smacked (Maxwell, of course) and a very loud protest that such a thing had never occurred by the other (Mimi, of course). Well, I really had had it at that point. I had been listening to non-stop whining and squabble for 4 or 5 hours.  I hadn't gotten a good night's sleep because my darling daughter kept coming downstairs throughout the night with various requests and grievances.  So I was so done. I sent them both upstairs to take a nap and sleep it off.  Mimi was outraged and protested the whole time, but I still made her stay upstairs for 20 minutes. Maxwell dutifully complied.  They just called from the top of the stairs and asked if they could come down (I knew they weren't really going to fall asleep, but wouldn't that have been nice?). I said they could come down as long as they felt well-rested.  Now they're doing puzzles at the table and asking for help.  I guess I should attend.  Did I mention how tired I am??? 

Here's hoping for chance this weekend to say, Gee I really miss my babies!!!!

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